Plant Flexibility: Adapting Seamlessly to Changing Production Demands

In this Plant Profile, Michigan Manufacturing International targets superior adaptability for local and international customers.

May 14, 2015– In today’s dynamic manufacturing environment, flexibility is the name of the game. The ability to adapt seamlessly to changing production demands – to ramp up production quickly when called for and to avoid unnecessary labor and operational costs during slower periods – is a business imperative in a globally competitive world of commerce.

This kind of flexibility was a key focus for components and assemblies supplier Michigan Manufacturing International (MMI) when the company set about building a new food processing equipment facility in Hosur, India. MMI, based in Stevensville, Md., has global sourcing and supplier partners in Mexico, China, India, Korea, and Vietnam; CEO Jacob Prak estimates that India accounts for 30 percent of the total volume of MMI purchases. Read the full article at