Shaping: Stamping

Punched metal partsStamping is a press process, used to transform a blank sheet of metal into a different shape. The metal is placed in the press between two die. The upper die is lowered, putting pressure on the metal to bend and cut it to desired shape and size.

Two types of presses can be used for stamping – hydraulic presses or mechanical presses. Hydraulic presses are more cost-effective, however, they are best for smaller volumes since they run at slower speeds. Mechanical presses are faster, however, they use shorter strokes. Therefore, mechanical presses are best for high volumes of shallow parts.

This process can be broken down into different techniques:

  • Bending – Metal is bent to desired angle.
  • Blanking – Metal is cut to make a blank suitable for further processing.
  • Coining – A pattern is pressed into the metal.
  • Drawing – Metal is stretched to desired depth.
  • Piercing – A hole is punched into the metal.