Sourcing: Mexico

Leverage MMI’s invaluable experience and take advantage of this opportunity to near source for your next projects! MMI now has an engineering facility in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This is the country’s leading manufacturing state in which you can find specialized manufacturing processes for every project requirement. Being nearby to a border with Texas (2 hours away) makes this ideal for shipping and logistics purposes. This office also covers the rest of the suppliers available in the national territory. MMI qualifies and monitors suppliers at every stage of production to comply with requirements.We address shipping and logistics management in order to ensure timeliness and cost effectiveness for every project.


5+ Years Experience in Sourcing, Engineering, Marketing and Design for a major U.S. appliances manufacturer.

Final inspections on-site are mandatory to ensure the necessary quality.


MMI Engineering Facility in Monterrey Mexico

MMI Engineering Facility in Monterrey Mexico


Supplier Sourcing, Evaluation and Development

OPEX (Operational Excellence) Tools

FMEA and 5 Why Analysis

Pre-Production Sampling to Verify Compliance with Customer Needs

Periodical Audits to Supplier Processes and Quality

Production Quality Management

Final Product Inspections

Logistics Management