400_sourcing_280MMI provides a domestic, near sourcing and overseas sourcing options to meet your manufacturing and supply needs. Through years of experience, we have built a network of trusted, high quality partners across the globe, including facilities in the U.S., Mexico, China, India, Korea and Vietnam. Our sourcing specialists will analyze your project to determine the best sourcing options for your projects. We qualify our suppliers and monitor the production process from start to finish, and provide in-country quality at every step. We inspect all products for final customer approval before they leave the manufacturing floor, plus manage shipping logistics to ensure safety, timeliness and cost effectiveness. We deliver world class manufacturing solutions – the best outcome and best quality at the best price. Contact us today to discuss your sourcing needs.


United States, Stevensville, MD: MMI headquarters with manufacturing capabilities and warehousing and stocking services…> READ MORE

China: Offices and warehouse in Shanghai and Ningbo China, with 5 quality engineers on staff … > READ MORE

India: A new manufacturing facility and warehouse in Hosur, India, southeast of Bangalore.… > READ MORE

Vietnam: Our facility is located in Ho Chi Minh City, the most dynamic city in Vietnam, so we can manage all aspects of your supply chain management and manufacturing… > READ MORE

Mexico:  Engineering facility in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico where we provide near-sourcing solutions. Leverage our years of experience sourcing for a major U.S. manufacturer… > READ MORE

South Korea:  Leverage over 10 years experience; Based in Seoul… > READ MORE