Brazing, Soldering, Adhesive Bonding


Soldering is a process used to join two or more metals together by filling the
joint with a filler metal (solder) which has been heated to its melting point.
Soldering is similar to the welding process, however, lower temperatures are
used in the soldering process allowing the base metals to maintain their original
shape and size.

hands of jeweller at work silver soldering.


brazing metal


Brazing, like soldering, is a bonding process which uses a filler metal
to join work pieces together. Brazing involves higher temperatures than
soldering, though not high enough to melt the base metal. Brazing is one
of the more versatile bonding processes, offering the ability to join the
same or different metals with considerable strength.


Adhesive Bonding

Adhesive bonding, another
process used for bonding surfaces together, is often a cost effective
alternative to mechanical fasteners. Adhesives offer a more uniform
distribution of stress than other fasteners, however, they are not always
appropriate since an adhesive’s properties may change depending on the
joint. Adhesives provide a strong, smooth bond without altering the surface
of a material and add little or no weight to the original product. Some of
the most commonly used adhesives are epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, and

blue silicon gun on white background Plumber gluing two pipes together